2017 Omer Calendar: Experience the Omer as a Spiritual Pilgrimage

Each of the days from the second night of Passover, the festival of freedom, until Shavuot, the festival of receiving Torah (where we receive the principles for civilization as a spiritual practice) becomes a spiritual pilgrimage of self-refinement and expanded consciousness in the manner of the Kabbalists -- which we can follow, too.  
   In the Omer calendar attached as a free download on this page, each of the seven lower qualities (sephirot) of the Tree of Life, the Eitz Chayyim, are arranged so that each day has several traditional pairing options for contemplation.
--For example, on Day 12 the pair for contemplation would be gold wrapped with blue, or the stories of Aaron or Avigail considered within those of Isaac or Miriam, or the qualities of Humility when wrapped with Strength, and / or turn your attention to the lower left and upper left side. Consider doing this Omer practice with a partner, or create an Omer practice group.

    --On Facebook at ReclaimingJudaism, you are invited add your art and reflection posting to ours, as we attempt to post about the pair for each day. In this way we can support each other in achieving the potential for self-refinement and expanded consciousness, even important new insights might emerge to help our people and all that lives and is.
    ---Should you miss a night of counting, catch up in the morning without the blessing and in the evening continue with the next day’s blessing, pair of sephirot and count. Chag Sameach! Blessings for a Zissen (sweet) Pesach, Passover to all.