Omer Calendar for 2016

Counting the Omer

The 49 days from Passover to Shavuot have a counting practice paired with qualities for personal development paired with them. A fully explained, full-color Omer Calendar is attached for you to feel free to print and use. 

Downloadable Spiritually Engaging Haggadah

Attached here-on is our seder from 2016, it took about 1 hr for the first part and 20 minutes for the section after the meal. Enjoy!

Afikomen Song

Middle Matzah and Afikomen Song
by Rabbi Goldie Milgram

Passover Song: Sounds of Seder

New SOUNDS OF SEDER (to the tune of Sounds of Silence) to sing during Maror, addressing some of our current social/political concerns with heart, strength, and a shtikele humor. 


The Sounds of Seder
by Rabbi Goldie Milgram,

Melody: Sounds of Silence

What Would You Take with You?

a Moroccan Passover Ritual

   After asking the four questions, in some Moroccan families, the person leading the seder leaves the room and returns with the afikomen in a napkin draped over their shoulder (Tom Sawyer fashion, for Mark Twin fans) and then recounts the story of the exodus out of Egypt. This got me to thinking, if I was told overnight that I was leaving Egypt - what would I take with me? I recalled a Holocaust survivor showing me the little stack of photos she'd sewn into the leg of her pants just before she was taken prisoner......what would you take?

Bedikat Chametz in Our Homes and in Our Relationships

The following story clarifies the traditional and spiritual elements of the process known as bedikat chametz, searching for chametz* in your home.

Free Reclaiming Judaism Haggadah

Passover, Pesach is a holy opera of spirit for which we prepare by cleaning and resetting the stage of our lives. different dishes, special foods, and a whole program called the seder (order) found in a book that is updated throughout the generations-- the Haggadah. This is lest we forget the gift inherent in creation's possibilities--and that gift is freedom! 

My Mother's Gefilte Fish

by Noa Baum

A story by Noa Baum, "My Mother's Gefilte Fish" from New Mitzvah Stories for the Whole Family, from the award-winning Mitzvah Stories Series from Reclaiming Judaism Press

Some grandmothers are really good at telling stories. Mine wasn’t, but she made the BEST gefilte fish in the WORLD! I was born and raised in Jerusalem. My maternal grandmother, Mina, my Savta (grandmother in Hebrew), came from Poland and settled in Tel Aviv.