2017 Omer Calendar: Experience the Omer as a Spiritual Pilgrimage

Each of the days from the second night of Passover, the festival of freedom, until Shavuot, the festival of receiving Torah (where we receive the principles for civilization as a spiritual practice) becomes a spiritual pilgrimage of self-refinement and expanded consciousness in the manner of the Kabbalists -- which we can follow, too.  

Omer: 49 Days of Jewish Spiritual Practice

The Omer comprises 49 days, paralleling the wandering of the Israelites in the wilderness, which in Torah comes the day after Passover begins, and ends with receiving Torah on Shavuot.

Originally, the omer was the measure of wheat brought as a donation of harvest gratitude to feed the Temple workers in ancient Israel. As our need for renewal of spirit builds in these troubling times, the Jewish spiritual renaissance continues unabated.