Tu Bi Shevat Seder: One page, simple, fruitful and deep

Tu Bishevat is the Jewish festival of the fruit trees. A time to marvel at the miracle of the many types of fruits, to consider their metaphorical possibilities, and to focus on tikkun olam for nature and for our own natures.

This simple six step seder (pictured at the left) is attached to the bottom of this page as a printable PDF. This is one of many Tu Bishevat sedarim (seders) that we've created at Reclaiming Judaism over the years and differs from some in that it a) is solely based on fruit, b) includes a category of fruit for each dimension, and c) does not include wine.

This seder is based upon the Four Spiritual Worlds of the Tree of Life developed by the Kabbalists. Assiyah--the Physical World; Yetzirah, the World or Dimension of Emotion, Beriyah (or briyah), The World of the Intellect, and Atzilut, the World of Emanation of all that is. And remember, ultimately, the Tree of Life is Torah itself, which is the reason for the Eitz Chayyim Hee chant, which we did this year with the Association of Professional Jewish Artist with our guest spiritual teacher Rabbi Andrew Hahn.