Q: What is a fullness of Jewish Identity?

Q: I was brought up in a secular Jewish home. My grandparents were victims of the Holocaust. We celebrated the major holidays in a non-reigious way but with deep attachment to our Jewish identity, and perpetuating our family traditions. Can I consider myself Jewish in the full sense of the term?
Thank you for considering my question.

A: All that I can tell you is that Jewish "in the full sense of the term," is where the juicy, amazing, value for living within being Jewish can be found. For this our ancestors strove to sustain and evolve our traditions. When I worked for P'nai Or in Portland, Oregon and B'nai Or in Boston, MA, I found such communities. There is such a joy of having a Jewish community connection where people are kind to one another, where Torah study is non-dogmatic, deep, and spiritually profound. Look for where mitzvah-centered, rather than self-centered living is the core ethos. Every branch of Judaism is worthy of your exploration,and gradually you will find the places and approaches that are meant for your soul's journey.
There is another kind of fullness, it is finding where your talents, skills and ideas are needed on behalf of the Jewish and human future. The Jewish people is one of the longest continually existing forms of human organization on the planet.  Despite all of the unwarranted persecution our ancestors experirenced -- we are still here! In creation that means we have adapted and remain for good reason. Is your role as a peacemaker? As someone who visits those who are ill? As a creator of new Jewish art? As an advocate for justice? As a Jewish journalist who highlights good news or opportunities to fulfill mitzvah needs? Here is a list of possible roles within Jewish secular and religious life to consider for yourself.  There's an incredible fullness that comes from jumping in and being an activist member of the tribe.
with blessings from one Jew to another for the fullness to which you aspire and a hearty l'shana tova, Rabbi Goldie Milgram