Introduction to the Jewish Wedding

These are the elements present as part of the process for most Jewish weddings:

1. an ufruf, where the impending marriage is blessed up at the Torah during a Shabbat prior to the wedding. During their aliyah often the couple is pelted with candy, suggesting a blessing for a "sweet relationship".

2. the day before or morning of the wedding, a private immersion ritual readying of body and soul called mikveh,

3. signing of a ketubah, a Jewish wedding contract.

4. a marriage ritual held under a huppah, the wedding canopy, with opening psalms, a shared cup of wine, the blessings of wine and betrothal, and a vow of holy connection coupled with acceptance of a ring or object of similar value, seven wedding blessings, and the breaking of a wine glass.

5. Yichud, the couple takes a spate of private time together after the wedding ritual and before joining the party.

6. The wedding reception, called the seudah shel mitzvah, which is itself a mitzvah to attend, as well as to celebrate joyfully to gladden the hearts of the couple.

Behind this list of terms is a world of spiritual beauty which it is helpful to study in order to be fully able to appreciate the power and mystery of the Jewish wedding. There are many magnificent ritual, liturgical and mystical options and elaborations for wedding preparation, as well as for the wedding itself. Find this under Wedding Spirituality on this site, Mitzvah Stories and in Living Jewish Life Cycle (under books and resource tab at top of site.