How to Write a Note for a Gift

The B-Mitzvah (R)evolution

The following is a sample gift letter we sent to a cousin who happened to be inter-marrying so it also feels good to give in honor of the wedding to a Jewish cause which is doing non-sectarian relief tikkun olam!

Dear Ones:

We welcome you as a new couple to our family!

It is a Jewish tradition to add blessing to a couples life, on the event of their marriage, by giving a gift of tzedakah (a donation which consciously changes someone else's situation) in their honor.

Since we don't know either of you, who you really are and what you care passionately about, we have chosen to make a donation in honor of your marriage to the Joint Distribution Committee.

Established during WWII to help displaced persons find their loved ones, and to provide food and shelter, this organization today is a world-wide program helping those in trauma and danger.

We have given specifically to the fund to help the Kosovo refugees. Due to JDC's expertise in re-uniting families and providing food and shelter under dangerous circumstances where communications are limited, this organization has responded out of the Jewish view that "pikuakh nefesh", "saving a life" is the highest possible act of sacred consciousness.

We hope to have a chance to welcome you as a couple to this family in person.

May the joy of connection you may feel during your ceremony increase exponentially with the years.