Teachings: Mitzvah Guidance

Will my grandchild be Jewish if his mother who has converted to Judaism has stopped her religious practice?

Dear Rabbi Milgram: My son married a woman who converted to Judaism through the London Beth Din. She now refuses to follow any Jewish practice. Is her conversion still valid? They have a baby boy who is now a year and a half will he be considered Jewish? By the way she forbids me to have any contact with the child. She is highly unstable and also prevents my son from having any contact with me or his brothers. I am in regular email contact with him. We are a shomer mitzvot family.... Though I doubt my son keeps anything now.

What is Shabbat? A Time Manifesto

Once normal to civilizations,
The observance of holy days
Has become a radical spiritual act of self care.

Sacred time is shareware.
It’s free.
The only condition is you have to use it before you go,
There’s no refund at the finish line.

Book Review: Bringing Zayde Home

This review by Rabbi Goldie Milgram of Sheri Sinykin's Zeyde Comes to Live was first published in the Philadelphia Jewish Voice.