2019 Jewish Spiritual Education Program 3

2019 Program 3: Maggid-Educator Training:

Certification (2 years) and/or Ordination (3 years)

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Conference: Guiding Jewish Journeys in Challenging Times

January 24-27, 2019 
Program 1.
 An Intimate Conference for Jewish Educators

      Location: Camp Young Judea just outside of Austin, TX

What Is Mussar?

    Rabbi Mendel of Satanov created a new approach to the practice called Heshbon HaNefesh, “Accounting of the Soul.” He encouraged keeping a journal on how you are doing in cultivating the following 18 attributes within yourself, and I would add, your students, children and grandchildren. After the list, are several ways to work with these concepts in your life.

1. Equanimity - מְנוּחַת הַנֶפֶשׁ.  Attaining skillful ability to live in balance.

2. Tolerance - סַבְלָנוּת. Growing pains lead to knowing gains, listen with an open mind.

3. Orderliness - סֵדֶר. Allocating time for living fully with integrity, including showing up on time.

4. Decisiveness - חָרִיצוּת. Acting promptly when your reasoning is sure and kindness is intelligently incorporated in necessary action.