Jewish Spiritual Direction - Hashpa'ah

Updated Passover Menu of Spiritual Practices

(c) 2018

Seder means order. The Passover seder is an opera of questions and carefully-sequenced Gestalt-like spiritual experiences that bring home the core metaphors of Judaism, which also apply so powerfully to being human. Around our seder tables, by exploring questions both given and that we raise ourselves, we become the research and development teams of the future .

Tisha b'Av and the Power of Lament

To remember where it hurts,
how it got that way,
to tell the journey,
to honor the pain,
not become the story.

CAJE Rapid Curriculum Response: Disaster and Trauma

This article originally appeared on the Caje website; our staff is now actively involved in developing and providing programs for NewCaje.

Judaism is rich in both practical humanitarian, psychological and spiritual wisdom about how to survive and respond to disasters of every kind. Here you will find important resources for both.

Goal #1: Pause to assess your own reaction to the disaster; this will help you prepare to be with students.

The Jewish Vision Quest

When life feels like an uphill climb,
accept it and head right to the Top;