Four Sons

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Passover, Pesach is a holy opera of spirit for which we prepare by cleaning and resetting the stage of our lives. different dishes, special foods, and a whole program called the seder (order) found in a book that is updated throughout the generations-- the Haggadah. This is lest we forget the gift inherent in creation's possibilities--and that gift is freedom! 

Four Special Children

Four Special Children
by Rabbi Goldie Milgram and Barry Bub, MD

What does it mean when a child
is described as being wise?

Is she filled with wisdom based on life experience?
Not simply the first to raise her hand in response to a question,
But also imbued with awareness of when to answer first,
and when to hold back
When to respect others, those gifted with other forms of intelligence
that she may not have
such as the ability
to be