Tazria - Redeeming the Unredeemable

This Torah portion is largely concerned with laws of bodily purity. The descriptions of bodily secretions and infections remind us that the kohanim, the priests, were the first dermatologists and infectious disease practitioners. How can you tell what is pure, tahor and what is impure, tamei? Tazria, as it is called, is the least popular Torah reading in the entire year’s cycle.

Free Reclaiming Judaism Haggadah

Passover, Pesach is a holy opera of spirit for which we prepare by cleaning and resetting the stage of our lives. different dishes, special foods, and a whole program called the seder (order) found in a book that is updated throughout the generations-- the Haggadah. This is lest we forget the gift inherent in creation's possibilities--and that gift is freedom! 

Festival of Meaningful Song Seder Outline and Song Sheet

Festival of Meaningful Song Seder Outline and Songsheet
A careful mix of silly and serious, learning and celebrating.
Adapt as you wish. Blessings for a sweet and meaningful Passover!

Bedikat Chametz in Our Homes and in Our Relationships

The following story clarifies the traditional and spiritual elements of the process known as bedikat chametz, searching for chametz* in your home.