Syncing & Soaring: Loving the Farbrengen Format

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Recently I especially love serving in a Farbrengen format, such as we'll be offering this Sat evening in Montreal. Scientists are increasingly offering substantiation for how the farbrengen approach is healthy for us all, including teens and elders. Here's an example of the most recent research:

Chukkat: A Tale of Witchcraft or the Ancient Psychology of Healing?

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A Tale of Witchcraft or the Ancient Psychology of Healing? My dvar Torah for the World Union of Progressive Judaism on Parashat Chukat (Numbers 19:1-22:1)

The Great Debate: Is Torah Literal

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Shabbat Walk at Aleph Kallah

Rabbi Eliezer ben Hurcanus and Rabbi Akiva have a debate in the Talmud (B.T. Sukkah 37b) on the question of whether the Torah is literal. They are discussing whether the Israelites were literally provided sukkot for shelter by God or is sukkah a metaphor, a portal to a different dimension of support and awareness. (Exodus 13:20) Perhaps you, too, are a sky gazer like me and antcy when at your desk and indoors for too long?

Miriam, Isaiah: We've Got Your Back

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Many creative actions for justice are embedded within this Be'haalotecha d'var Torah created for IRAC.

Our New Course Offering at the ALEPH Kallah

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     Delighted to be teaching a course at this summer's ALEPH Kallah in July. And in August, Reclaiming Judaism will be launching our two-year intensive training for Jewish Educators: 3 Mmm: Maggid, Mitzvah and Mussar, held this year in conjunction with  NewCaje and team taught by Goldie Milgram, Peninnah Schram, Arthur Strimling and Mindy Shapiro.

Shohama Reflects on "Superbowl" Losses and Wins

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When the power went out during the Super Bowl, what was a disaster for the leading brands who had paid fortunes for television marketing, became a huge win for the digital marketing agencies who on the spot produced ads that went out through Facebook and Twitter.

Reminder, Mitzvah Story Entries Due by May 31 2013

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Wonderful stories are arriving daily in honor of Danny Siegel for our next volume in the Mitzvah-Centered Life Initiative here at Reclaiming Judaism. Provisionally titled: A Family Treasury of Mitzvah Stories, example stories and guidelines are posted here for story submission.

Mitzvah Stories Honored by Jewish Book Awards!

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    Incredible - our newest release from Reclaiming Judaism Press, MITZVAH STORIES: Seeds for Inspiration and Learning is being honored by the National Jewish Book Awards. So grateful to the Jewish Book Council for helping to make this book and the 60 contributing authors and our Mitzvah-Centered Life Initiative so much more visible and valued.

Quoted in Tablet Mag re Vaccination

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Tablet Mag recently interviewed me re vaccination and Jewish practices. (Jewish bioethics is something I often teach for various seminaries.) Here also is a full article I wrote on the topic.

Write Your Jewish Story

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Eight Weeks - January 21 through March 11, 2013