Call for Submissions to "A Treasury of Family Mitzvah Stories"

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Reclaiming Judaism Press
is seeking original and inspiring
"Mitzvah Stories"

to be included in
A Family Treasury of Mitzvah Stories

In Honor of Danny Siegel

(R)evolution for Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah Welcome and Long Overdue

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Many friends forward a flyer for the URJ "Bnai Mitzvah Revolution" announcement because they remembered it's the initiative theme and header for my own work in B'nei Mitzvah lo these many years. I'm thrilled to see the Reform Movement seeking to address this need. Just posted a piece on the topic under teachings here. Would love to hear your ideas and perceptions too.

A Pilgrimage to Rivesaltes

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Here is a link to our surprisingly spiritual experiences seeking out and visiting Rivesaltes, the detention camp where my teacher Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi was imprisoned in France. Also described is the ritual we did at Reb Zalman's behest for the thousands of young Spanish freedom fighters murdered at the Nazi concentration camp Mauthausen. Don't hesitate to be in touch with your own experiences and reflections for inclusion in our newsletter (sign up at link at top of page),

Added Book Review Section

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Under the Teachings tab Book Reviews by Rabbi Goldie Milgram are now being posted. The following reviews are available, these first appear in the Philadelphia Jewish Voice:

The Rabbi Rami Guides by Rabbi Rami Shapiro
Looking for Me…in This Great Big Family by Betsy R. Rosenthal
Converso: A Historical Novel by Mario X. Martinez (brief video interview with author included)

Jewish precedent for communicating with nature

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In this week's Torah reading G*d tells Moses to speak to the rock that it bring forth water. Instead he strikes the rock and loses his chance to enter the Promised Land. At first glance it may seem unrealistic to speak to a rock, but our ancestors believed that nature responded to our words and prayers. 

Here in Portland OR, some of the amazingness to share

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First most amazing thing was debuting the form of farbrengen I will be teaching at NewCaje this August. The amazing Maggidah Cassandra Morris here in Portland, OR, organized a Fathers' Day night gathering for this event, I figured a handful of folks would come. 

Appreciation the best birthday gift ever!

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After glorious celebrations with family, friends, colleagues, students, and synagogue, my real 70th birthday came and went in low key fashion. However, I am left with the knowing that I've been sharing for the last few decades-- the best gift we can give anyone is words or symbols of appreciation. These add life to our years and years to our life. L'chaim!

Sic Transit Venus, Jewishing in the Afterglow: Judaism and Astrology

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Image: Papermill on the estate of David Rittenhouse as the Venus transit of 2012 began. Photo credit: Barry Bub

We commemorated the planet Venus transit yesterday with a walk near our home at the near-by historic David Rittenhouse Estate. Rittenhouse,observed this rare transit in 1768, and then calculated the distance from Earth to the Sun.During our walk, my Hubbatzin * Barry asked me if Judaism has much to say about the sun and planets, as many ancient traditions do. I told since you know the phrase "mazel tov," you know the beginning of the answer….

That Messianic Feeling: When Youth Grasp the Possibilities of Respectful Pluralism

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Out of 2200 attendees at the Tikkun Leil Shavuot at the JCC on the Upper West Side, several encounters especially remain vibrant in my mind. There are those where e-mail correspondents become known panim-el-panim, face-top-face. Wonderful to meet each of you in person! May our lives continue to intersect in Torah study and mitzvah-centered living.

Rabbi Shohama Wiener: Creator of Spiritual Connections

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Sometimes innovative people are also natural connectors. My colleague here at Reclaiming Judaism, Rabbi Shohama Wiener is such a one. Her most amazing talent is engaging with each person in such an uplifting way that we experience spirituality in her very presence. And when Shohama lights up, you know something holy is going to happen.