Omer Day

Posted by Rabbi Goldie Milgram |

Malchut / Manifesting / Shechinah / has become the dominant Omer quality. Our Chessed and Gevurah within Malchut Omer walks have included memories of the challenging last days waiting for the fruit of the pregnancies from our respective prior marriages to drop into position for birth. So too, this Omer process is so close to Shavuot that the yearning for everything that has developed to come through and be received, and from within us to be perceived grows ever stronger! On yesterday's walk we came upon a crowd looking up, and lo, this bubble, with perhaps something within, was wafting downward to almost within reach. Shechinat El, please let drop the dew of the greatest love and compassion you have to help infeminate a kinder, gentler world. Photo Credit: The Good Witch (c) 2016 Barry Bub