Days 37-42

Posted by Rabbi Goldie Milgram |

Today is Day 41 of the 6th week of the Omer. It has been a very challenging week personally and worldwide. Today til sundown is Yesod within Yesod. Tzeitl Locher connects Yesod with the "Staff of Knowledge, made of a branch of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. It is the staff that helps people to distinguish between the good - the life enhancing - and evil - the life impoverishing..." Jewish tradition views this branch/staff as having been passed down through the generations, and just as G*d "gave the staff to Adam out of love...and it was received in love. Love for life is a condition for being able to find the staff...there is the condition you may not search for the staff only in order to enrich your own life. Accordingly, we are including Barry's father's beautifully carved wooden cane on this week's walks, may the name of Zelig Bub be for a blessing. After Shabbat there is a lot to share about the "staff" and photos. Shabbat Shalom!