Completing Omer Week 6

Posted by Rabbi Goldie Milgram |
Tonight we put down the walking stick of Barry's father, Zelig Bub, z"l that we have been carrying for the week of Yesod. This was because, as mentioned in the prior post, the Omer book of guided visualization written by Tzeitl Locher-Nijman associates Yesod with "the staff" made from a branch of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, according to midrash and Kabbalah, and it is passed down through the generations.
Tzeitl adds a woman to the journey of the staff by having Mother Sarah extend it to us in a visualization. The effect is that I see my father and Reb Zalman standing side by side, each leaning on their canes. My father says: "Remember, Tzotz, all things change." Reb Zalman hands me a blue band for my wrist, on one side it reads: "Gam zeh yaavor--This too shall pass. And on the other: Gam zu l'tova--this is also for the good." Sure hope so, it's been a rough year. Eyes welling up, Barry retrieves his father's staff from me, he is penetrated by it's glow...
Image Credit: "Zichrono" (c) 2016 Barry Bub