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Purim Stories

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Purim is a "rite of reversal". Everything in the megillah turns out backwards to how it was during the time of the Persian Empire. Such a story, when paired with ritual as in Purim, serves as a powerful, safe way of venting our frustrations and moving toward our highest hopes.

We invite you to adapt, adopt or excerpt from our explanation and integrative ritual for Tu B'Shvat

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    The Jewish festival of the trees, our “earth day” — Tu B’Shvat, begins tonight. "An Original Environmental Tu B'Shvat Ritual" is an article we wrote that just went live at the Philadelphia Jewish Voice.

Due date extended for written submissions to The Wisdom of Reb Zalman

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We heard you cry out to us in the wilderness: "We need more time!" Accordingly the new written submissions due date for the juried volume "The Wisdom of Reb Zaman" Schachter-Shalomi is March 15. True quotes, vignettes, stories, ritual moments, his advocacy for feminism, tikkun olam, neo-hassidism, deeo ecumenism, and other highlights from your encounters and transcriptions of his teachings that illuminate Reb Zalman's ways of being in the world are invited--up to 1800 words.

Example Programs, Workshops and Shabbatonim

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Some Recent Shabbatonim, Scholar-in-Residencies and Workshops
Given for Communities and Conferences
by Rabbi Goldie Milgram

Gingerbread for Hanukkah: DeLight or Diminish?

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Last week, five different people wrote me asking if making a gingerbread Hanukkah house might be a welcoming compromise for intermarried families and for those experiencing Christmas envy.

Jewish Spiritual Masters: Do We Have Them?

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Photo credit: Google images Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi and the Lubavitcher Rebbe
Jewish Spiritual Masters: Do We Have Them?
Rabbi Dr. Goldie Milgram

Guest Lecturer, Sarasota Liberal Yeshiva

Thanksgiving: From Tension to Connection on a Train

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Radio Times yesterday offered discussion of a study showing a positive impact on the well-being of commuters who chatted with the strangers sitting nearby.

Text Your Thanksgivukkah Knowledge: Reb Goldie's Dreidel Quiz

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My students ask me, "Rabbi Goldie, just what gives?
Is celebrating Thanksgivukkah really the way a good Jew lives?"

There is only one way I know to decide:
By the dreidel's spin, you'll have to abide.

Here is how it works, you should pardon the mention,
of these Five Thanksgivukkah Academic Spin K'vetch-tions:

Call for story submissions

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The Magic Gourd, A Story for Sukkot

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Happiness is sharing a The Magic Gourd: A Story for Sukkot by Debra Gordon Zaslow from Mitzvah Stories: Seeds for Inspiration and Learning. Chag sameach to all!