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Due date extended for written submissions to The Wisdom of Reb Zalman

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We heard you cry out to us in the wilderness: "We need more time!" Accordingly the new written submissions due date for the juried volume "The Wisdom of Reb Zaman" Schachter-Shalomi is March 15. True quotes, vignettes, stories, ritual moments, his advocacy for feminism, tikkun olam, neo-hassidism, deeo ecumenism, and other highlights from your encounters and transcriptions of his teachings that illuminate Reb Zalman's ways of being in the world are invited--up to 1800 words.

Example Programs, Workshops and Shabbatonim

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Some Recent Shabbatonim, Scholar-in-Residencies and Workshops
Given for Communities and Conferences
by Rabbi Goldie Milgram

Gingerbread for Hanukkah: DeLight or Diminish?

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Last week, five different people wrote me asking if making a gingerbread Hanukkah house might be a welcoming compromise for intermarried families and for those experiencing Christmas envy.

Jewish Spiritual Masters: Do We Have Them?

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Photo credit: Google images Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi and the Lubavitcher Rebbe
Jewish Spiritual Masters: Do We Have Them?
Rabbi Dr. Goldie Milgram

Guest Lecturer, Sarasota Liberal Yeshiva

Thanksgiving: From Tension to Connection on a Train

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Photo Credit: Barry Bub

Radio Times yesterday offered discussion of a study showing a positive impact on the well-being of commuters who chatted with the strangers sitting nearby.

Text Your Thanksgivukkah Knowledge: Reb Goldie's Dreidel Quiz

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My students ask me, "Rabbi Goldie, just what gives?
Is celebrating Thanksgivukkah really the way a good Jew lives?"

There is only one way I know to decide:
By the dreidel's spin, you'll have to abide.

Here is how it works, you should pardon the mention,
of these Five Thanksgivukkah Academic Spin K'vetch-tions:

Call for story submissions

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The Magic Gourd, A Story for Sukkot

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Happiness is sharing a The Magic Gourd: A Story for Sukkot by Debra Gordon Zaslow from Mitzvah Stories: Seeds for Inspiration and Learning. Chag sameach to all!

Life-Affirming Holocaust Painting Draws Attention

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Torah Study in a Sand Box? Discover Torah Holy Play

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This picture I took today at NewCaje; shows Rabbi Michael Shire, Dean of the Shoolman Graduate School of Jewish Education at Boston Hebrew College, telling the story of the Babylonian Exile, in a soft voice, using small items--blue yarn to represent rivers, lines drawn in the sand to represent the temple, small non-gendered identical wooden figures to represent people.