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just updated our free creative haggadah

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We discovered typos and a few other things that could be improved while using our new seder on the two nights. Since we've decided it's a keeper that could be helpful to others, letting you know that the improved version is posted here: 

Chag sameach!


New Distance Learning Option: Creating a Mitzvah-Centered Life

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“What happens to you matters to me.”—Barry Bub. This definition of love—ahavah, is at the very core of a mitzvah-centered life.

Another Hanukkah Spark

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When the light of menorah gazing did not flow into my vessel of being, I wondered how to repair the capacity to receive. Last night, awaking at midnight with a sense of falling, it seemed timely to do the Tikkun Hatzot,* heart-opening prayers of lament for the situation in Israel, our world, and issues in my life--if I could find a Hanukkah connection. So...

A Gazing Practice for Hanukkah

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As we commence the eight nights of Hanukkah, the practice is to contemplate the increasing illumination. Jewish mystical sources may be helpful for deepening our experience. I hope to find a way to share one teaching spark each night, life permitting.

Omer Days Forty Eight and Forty-Nine: Learning to Accept and Dissolve

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There is still time before the sun sets to engage in Omer Day Forty-Eight, Yesod sheh b'Malchut and to enter the last day of the Omer, Shabbat (Malchut) sheh b'Malchut. While teaching in Charlottesville a few weeks ago and offering a Yesod contemplation, the question became: How has your foundation changed since you were 10…20…30…40…50…60…70…and perhaps beyond?

Omer Day Forty-Seven: Back to the Garden

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There is still time before the sunsets to engage in Omer Day Forty-Seven, Hod sheh b'Malchut. Reb Zalman described Hod as "a Zen garden," the one depicted here is located at our favorite garden in the world thus far, Chanticleer. Notice the pink flowers that could be for today Malchut--Shechinah surrounding Hod's space for refinement. The compounding effect of moving through each pair of sephirot daily is becoming quite "trippy".

Omer Day Forty-Six: Triumph of Shechinah

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Ingeborg Rapoport via Google Advanced Images

There is still time before the sun sets on Day 46 of the Omer to contemplate Netzach b'Malchut. The story of 102 year-old Ingeborg Rapoport came, she "was denied her PhD from the University of Hamburg in 1938 due to her Jewish heritage.

Omer Days Forty-Three Through Forty Five

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Photo credit: Hubble View of planet being born via Google images

Day 43: Chessed sheh b'Malchut. Chessed in this 7th week feels like being in a mikveh (Chessed) within Shechinah (Malchut).

Omer Day Forty-Two: Shechinah's Foundational Urge

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Omer Day Forty-Two, Malchut sheh b'Yesod ended with Havdallah last night. This point on the Omer journey seems so much like that challenging place in pregnancy of almost unbearable waiting to meet the precious new manifestation of the divine that is preparing to come through. Here Yesod might be understood as the Foundational Urge within which Malchut--Shechinah is preparing to manifest. Yes, She came through as Shabbat.

Omer Day Forty-One: Preparing to Transmit Your Foundation

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Hurray! Computer has returned from yet another repair trip since brown out on Day Seventeen. There is still time before sunset, on this forty-first day of the Omer, to engaged in the exponential spiritual practice of contemplating Yesod sheh b'Yesod.